Bhagya Lakshmi 28 August 2022 full episode online HD Zee TV

 The latest episode of serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Zee TV is going to be very interesting. Yes, friend Rishi Lakshmi is returning home from prison.  Gets married despite being persuaded.

 by his mother Neelam, he insists on leaving Lakshmi. I don't think Malik Shah Rishi loves you.  There is a big problem for Lakshmi, you wil.

l see because Malik Shah is going to give a huge amount to Balwinder and Balwinder is going to say that I want to make Rishi and Lakshmi's accident.  give

.  It is going to happen because Malik Shah loves Rishi, but Malik Shah will be angry and she will be seen removing Rishi from her life, you people and the world.  Yes, but Aayush does not know.

 in the nakedness of Malik Shah's plan, will friend Malik Shah Rishi and Lakshmi get the number?  Rano has also told Balwinder that I will not hide your truth for a long day because I also


 want something.  If not, I will tell your truth to Rishi.  He knows Ranun very well, whatever Ranun says, she does it, so Balvinder wants to keep Ranun out of her way, but Rano.

 is going to fall hard on Balvinder, Neha is also going to support her mother, Rano, because Neha  There is also a lot of money, so both of them are blackmailing the daughter of Milkar.

 Balwinder and you will soon see the blackmailing of Shaloo in the show Zee TV.  Fei says Kevin runs to call Balvinder and says whatever you did with Lakshmi is so big. Balvinder, you.

 will not forgive me. Yes, friends.  Rahi is on the way but nothing like that happens and Shalu is going to find out about her sister Lakshmi because of the world travel. Jasmin Balwinder.

 is going to call Neha.  Jannat ho I will do this to your mother. FIR Your mother will never meet you. Friends, Neha is going to be very upset listening to Balwinder.

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