Bhagya Lakshmi 31 August full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Zee TV Kahaani you will see the love story of Aayush and Shalu as Aayush and Shalu are falling in love with each other and Lakshmi is going to find out about the ISI.  Shalo from Jessie Hari.  Aayush.

 goes to the police station with his hand and tells Lakshmi. Just as Lakshmi starts to eat, Shalo says that you will not eat with your own hands, I gave you a toy to eat with your own hands, Bahushmi.  When Mankar starts to eat, she gets small.

 on Shalu's hand, which makes Ayush very worried and asks Shalu, Jayada doesn't seem to be there, even then Lakshmi sees Shalu and Ayush and understands.  Degi appears to be asking Shalo all but Shalo will not tell her sister Lakshmi.

 anything because Shalo is shy enough that Lakshmi finds out that they are in love with each other and Rishi is about to bring milk home from Lakshmi.  As soon as Rishi reaches home, Yani's Neelam will have to answer a lot of questions .

 to her mother. Neelam asks her son Rishi a lot of questions.  Lakshmi is middle class and we have been insulted by Lakshmi's words, Rishi, have you all forgotten? Today, you have fallen in love with Lakshmi.  I love you so much.

 but Lakshmi is a badass, nothing has been done to her.  He sees Rishi ignoring everything and says to Rishi, I want you to marry Malik Shah because I have already said goodbye to Karan for your marriage, but Rishi will tell mother from now on that I should marry now.

  I am not here, mom, you are from heaven, Lakshmi is about to leave, when Lakshmi is here, she will leave home, I will marry Malik Shah, my friend Rishi is saying all this to Moti to keep his mother's heart.  I don't want to see sad. 

On the other side, Anna listens to Rishi and Neelam. Ahna thinks that Rishi is cheating on Lakshmi Bhabhi, so Anna talks to her brother Rishi alone.  Because Janate Hain Lakshmi loves you very much but you are cheating our sister-in-law Lakshmi.

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