Bhagya Lakshmi August 29 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Neelam Karan Se Vada Kar Chaki Hai K Rishi's wedding with Malik Shah is arranged by Krigi Kyunki Karan now Rishi is getting out of our hands so Karan talks about Milkar Cochran's plan with Karisma Tum  Talk to Neelam Bhabhi I am in.

 heaven for Malik Shah's marriage Neelam Bhabhi I will never deny you because it is time Neelam is in love with Rishi and will accept everything you say Yes friends Malik Shah's marriage about loving him  will show you people talking.

 to Neelam and on the other hand Rishi has also reached Malik Karna police station with Lakshmi and very soon you will be shown Rishi saying to Lakshmi I will stay and spring will come even then Lakshmi  Also trusting Rishi's.

 words, you will see that Malik Shah is going to react very angrily in front of her mother from traveling around the world, which makes Karan very angry.  She will onfuse and say to Malik Shah, you can do anything, now Rishi.

 can't be yours, because Rishi will always be Lakshmi Katha and Lakshmi's, but Malik Shah further tells his mother Karan, I will never have Rishi, Lakshmi is not mine.  It will always be mine. I will never share Rishi with Lakshmi. What .

 will the king do if Rishi will never fall for Lakshmi because of his voice?  Yes, I would never want to say to Rishi why I don't have to take someone's life and on the other hand Ahna is very happy because she uses my Rishi brother.

 will always be with Lakshmi and neither loves Ahna either.  After celebrating, Aahna is also told by Neelam that you will not meet Lakshmi, so Aahna is young enough to meet her sister-in-law Lakshmi, and Rishi is asking for your Lakshmi.

 with the best Shabri.  Aahna sees Aahna and says Usha what are you doing so long Aahna further lies to Sonia and Usha says I am up.  Ne Bhai Rishi Kawanki Bhai.  They have not returned home.

 yet and still Sonia understands everything and says to Aahna I am not a girl you will lie to me and I will accept your word I am a paradise you stay with Rishi and Lakshmi.

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