Bhagya Lakshmi August 30 full episode online HD Zee TV

 In Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Aayush is going to give fake news to call Shalu yes guys which will make Shalo quite depressed and she is going to go to Aayush to tell about Aayush and on the other hand Rishi is also going to see the police station. . Diga Jasmin says to police inspector.

 Rishi I want to meet Lakshmi before writing the police inspector stops Rishi from meeting Lakshmi and says to Rishi I obeyed your word and your wife belongs to you. Can't break your roles Rishi you can go Jae Haan friend Rishi.

 will be seen cheating with the police inspector Aap Logon Koonki Rishi wanted to give Lakshmi some sweeps so Rishi police from the police officer affected by the corpse but Rishi A lot is going to happen with Rishi's move is.

 going to be very busy for Rishi who will not get Rishi's house again and not even Karan with him. Elam has a crush on Rishi and has forgotten Neelam. Your Rishi now. Your Rishi has become Lakshmi's and you have seen how happy Rishi is to go against you. I am worried about


 the call. If Rishi left my daughter Malik Shah, where will we go? Hello, Neelam, your son Rishi is very alive. Yes, friends, Neelam came to Karan's words, because of his son, he loves his mother Neelam very much and believes.

 everything that his mother Neelam says, but sometimes Neelam will do something like this. Rishi is going to hate his mother and Sonia's Bhilshmi will be seen from the world because even Sonia doesn't want Neil. Sonia also hates her mother Karishma's star.

 Lakshmi because she never considers Lakshmi as her daughter-in-law and AR's plan is not always to keep Lakshmi away from Rishi. Ki is a sister and is aware of every move of Sonia,

 bringing Lakshmi is quite serious and Haan Na Hamisha supports her sister-in-law. Will Aahna be seen taking care of her sister-in-law Lakshmi again and you guys will see it very soon on Zee TV.

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