Kundali Bhagya 28 August full episode online HD Zee TV


In Serial Kundali Bhagya Rishabh is going to invite Arjun to his party yes friends very soon there is going to be a big event at Luthra house in which Arjun will also appear in logon and Prithvi is seen from the world.  Give me the logo because Arjun is going to do this planning,

 he also wants Arjun to have a relationship with Prithvi. Preeta can't be happy in any situation, so Arjun has joined hands of friendship with Prithvi.  It is seen but Preeta also seems to be ignoring Arjun's mistakes and Rishabh will stop feeling very moved by seeing these actions of Arjun from all over the world.

  Rishabh is going to tell a lot to Arjun but Arjun also has a lot to tell Rishabh. Ota Hai but Arjun is silent. Arjun wants to do all this.  Rishabh has done a lot with his brother Karan to make Prithvi feel Rishabh but Prithvi not to leave Arjun.  The mouth will open and Sabi Luthra.

 house walon Ko Arjun ke bare mein boljlistho kisthwa waloo  n Ko Arjun ke bare mein bojlitho koi ko ko ko ko ko ko ke bare kar will not do anything except Rishabh Rishabh knows about Arjun's nakedness but Rishabh hides it all from his family because Rakhi .

 Luthra Arjun is his.  My son has started to believe, that's why Rishabh is hiding after hurting me, and on the other hand, I will see a lot of quarrels between Sameer and Srishti because Sameer loves Srishti, but Srishti is attached to Sameer.  Sally has a girlfriend and is always suspicious of Sameer, who doesn't.

 like Sameer at all. So Sameer is going to have sex with his mother, Rakhi Luthra, whom Rakhi Luthra talks to Preeta before getting married.  First.  She is in love, so Preeta will also appear to understand her sister Sarshti. You will think that Sarshti is too big and she will ask her excuse, Preeta, who told you all this?.

  You are affected by Sameer who has hunted you due to which Sarshti is going to go to Sameer's mother and will say to Sameer you did not treat me well, so I did not want to do that, how dare you talk to you mother.  have heard

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