Kundali Bhagya 31 August full episode online HD Zee TV

 The upcoming episode of the show Zee TV serial Kundali Bhagya is going to be very interesting in which you will see Srishti asking many questions to Anjali which Anjali will be quite confused. are Jeju is also Arjun's ki tara me.

 Preetha keeps arguing with excuses like Arjun does Anjali says to Srishti from before you are heavenly Karan is now gone from this world FIR you are turning from bar Ya Arjun is mine. Husband we are engaged and we are.

 going to get married very soon like Sankar Sarshti will be very sad and Jakar says to Arjun are you going to marry Anjali Arjun listen to me then you are Anja don't do this Anjali for you. Arjun tells Sarshti that if you marry Preeta, then.

 how will the FIR stay? Arjun is already married to Rita. IR, who can you say all this Arjun tells Sarshti next I was joking I know and on the other hand Rishabh is very happy because Arjun is Rishabh's business partner I am telling .

 Arjun to his family Rakhi Luthra is very happy and says to Rishabh that you have made Arjun your business partner. Before touching Arjuna. If Rishabh has a business partner, then Preeta will feel great because Preeta is very disturbed.

 by the sound of Arjun's movements, so Preeta wants Arjun not to see himself as Preeta, who is in love with someone or something, and Arjun falls in love with her. Is. Even if you don't want to, you have to stay with Arjun every.

 time. Tells my friend I'm going to change my dress till then you play and keep an eye on Kritika I think Kritka has seen me Kritka with friend goes behind Prithvi Prithvi doesn't know Kritika follows her Kritika follows Prithvi to Prithvi's room.

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