Kundali Bhagya today August full episode online HD Zee TV

In the serial Kundali Bhagya show on Zee TV, Anjali will be seen arguing with Arjun after taking Preeta. It seems that you still love Preeta today. You do it first. Lakhan Arjun says to Anjali. What happened to you, Anjali, every time I hear Preeta's name, you are heaven, I don't like.

 Preeta at all, but still you remember Preeta all the time. Yes, you will never go to Preetha's house or Luthra house. Arjun has also left Anjali. I will never go to Luthra house. But this time Arjun will have to go to Luthra house. Anjali.

 will also listen to Arjun and give Arjun a last chance to go to Luthra house and on the other hand as soon as Preeta comes to Arjun's Luthra house before Sri. She will see you talking to her and tell Sarshti, how dare Rakhi Luthra to


 invite Arjun to Luthra house, Sarshti is heavenly with you, whenever Arjun is around me, he makes me shine before I remember. Do you want to forget Karan? I think Preeta you want to forget Karan, that's why every.

 time you keep running away from Arjun, but Preeta also says to her sister Sarshti from the front, is it a paradise to sacrifice, Karan is no longer with us. Now I am Rishabh's wife and you are a paradise. I have to give it to.

 you because I respect Rishabh very much and I like him very much because Rishabh took care of us. Don't talk to us together Jee han friends Preeta now started liking Rishabh and Rishabh's fate is Arjun's one but Rishabh doesn't.

 know that Arjun is Karan Luthra. K likes Arjun and wants to be her husband, so Anjali is seen with Arjun all the time. Even if you see Preeta with you, you will not be able to stop yourself.

 and you will not know that Preeta's beauty is Arjun's biggest weakness and Preeta also becomes Haryana after seeing Arjun's style because Arjun is attracted to Karan. So Preetha wanders around Arjun.

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