Bhagya Lakshmi 13 Sep full episode online HD

 Bhagida Lakshmi Today 13th September 2022 Full Episode Online HD.

  In the show Zee TV, you guys are watching when the terrorist tells Lakshmi that wherever you are, go to us as soon as possible or we will take Rishi's life.  She looks like let's stop Lakshmi.

 and Ush says you are not going anywhere Lakshmi we have already lost our mother and father now we don't want to see you we have nothing to save you yes there is nothing to be happy man  She can't leave Rishi alone and says.

 goodbye to Shalo. I will save Rishi from the terrorist and nothing will happen to me. Yes, friends, even then, Lakshmi says to Aayush, take care of Shalo.  Lakshmi is a shoulder bearer because when the terrorists start shooting


 at Rishi, Lakshmi pushes Rishi, who is saved by Rishi, but Lakshmi is hit by a bullet, but still they say to the dirty Rishi, I am very lucky.  You have got such a loving wife who can even give her life for you. Yes, like friends, Sankar.

 Neelam's eyes are also going to have tears because Neelam loves her.  I don't think so.  Now Neelam will see Lakshmi's love and Rishi is very worried about the world travel as Lakshmi's condition is getting worse, still Rishi tells the UN.

 goons to let me go as I have to be taken to the hospital.  So Lakshmi's life can also be lost, then they say to Gunde Rishi, after all, we will have to celebrate that you also love Lakshmi very much.  Why don't you let me go or file an FIR? Why do.

 you see Malik Shah paying even more Moksha for Lakshmi? Why does Malik Shah want Lakshmi to never go to the hospital and race to take Lakshmi?  Friends they will let gande rishi go you must tell in comment box because we keep sharing every new update of show zee tv and you must visit our site thanks

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