Bhagya Lakshmi 17 September 2022 full episode online HD

 The upcoming episode of today's serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV is going to be quite interesting in which you guys will see Malik Shah making Rishi unconscious. In doing So I will take you from

here, Malik Shah, I will not leave.

 here without Lakshmi, even then, Malik Shah gets angry after hearing Rishi's words and says to him, "I want to go with you, so tell me why we should go here." Neelam aunty is also trying to talk to you. I will not go anywhere, Rishi, now.

 you have to decide whether you want to protect your mother from these goons or FIR. My father is with my mother and the rest of the family log is also with my mother. Yes, friends, on the other hand, Shalo is getting very.

 sad thinking about the nakedness of her words and she has not given any trouble to her sisters. I will not go anywhere from here, even then Aayush says to Shalu, don't worry, I know my brother Rishi will not come without .

 Lakshmi. Not bothered she tells Aayush I have to go to my heart but Aayush convinces Shalu to go there and tells Rishi's father you can understand why it is reviving many more than that. not see His life may be in danger.

 even then Rishi's heaps say to Shalo do you trust Rishi then Shalo says to Rishi's father he is also trusted by Jiyada Man Rishi Jeju so still they don't come through. KJ is not aware of the FIR, we want to leave here, but Ahana says to Aayush, take.

 some time, get married, Lakshmi and Rishi will go somewhere, FIR, we will all go together. We have no time to pass. You guys have dealt with us because we do our lot, you don't know our boss, Manish is very dangerous, if he does.

 anything wrong with us, he will file an FIR against me. Rishi will take Lakshmi aap logun ne hum bhattana hai keonki Lakshmi Manish kya hoti and Manish will see Lakshmi as his pawn now and will also ask for enough from the police.

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