Bhagya Lakshmi 20 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the latest episode of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV, you guys are going to see Lakshmi saying to Manish that you will not do anything to Rishi because whatever Rishi has done, he has done it for my sake and two of them are the same. . jisse sunkar Malik Shah and family


 members says Lakshmi we are in trouble today with your voice and Rishi has also risked his life to save you then Aayush says to Malik Shah Malik Shah will be quiet look Lakshmi Bhabhi You keep taking names, you don't see anything else, even then Karan speaks to Aayush.

 and says to Malik Shah, "No, Lakshmi is not in Khanoon, where Dalits and we people don't want to study with humans today." Band Karo Sab Samjha Eak Raah Hai We Are Not Children Yes Friends Manish Karan will see him walking with Neelam and Oprah will say to the.

 family members, you guys are ruining my mind when you see it. Someone is making a drama, I don't know who you guys are living in the house, on the one hand, your daughter-in-law who wants to give her life for you guys, and on the other hand, Ji Shah's daughter-in-law


 from Bihar. Siva doesn't see anything Jee han guys Sankar Rishi's father will also get angry with Manish but won't be able to do anything as Monish makes sabi host and tells everyone no one will make me happy use janda I will not leave.

 but still Shalu will be seen arguing with Monish to save her word and will say to Manish you will not do anything to my sister if you want to kill someone then I have to ask you I will say no even then Lakshmi Shalu Koo.

 says you are crazy what are you saying all this Bani you are sensible and shut her up is Alta talking straight yes friends Manish Lakshmi and Shiloh Hkar speaks very much love each other today. Everyone will be tested first, Lakshmi, because you have also troubled us so much. Do not be rude to your husband Rishi, you people.

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