Bhagya Lakshmi 21 Sep 2022 full episode hd

 In the story of drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV, you guys will see Manish getting arrested. I will return very soon because my revenge is not done yet. You people arrest me. I have done a lot of wrong. You people will.

 get the punishment. Even then, the police inspector tells Manish that you will be alive, so why do we ask you for yours? We will be with you because we have to worry about your words but we will.

 remove this problem from you too. But whatever he has done will be forgiven yes friends like Sankar Ayush will be very happy and will be seen hugging his brother Rishi because Rishi also


 wants to see Lakshmi always happy so Rishi tells Lakshmi. Look, I used to tell you that I will fix everything, now Lakshmi, you will not have to go to jail. She will be seen looking at Lakshmi and.

 will say to Lakshmi, let's go home, but Ayush tells Shalu that I will see you from where you will be. Take her because there is no space in our car, we can only take Sarf Aahna. Sonia, please be.

 patient. Aahna says to her mother Karisma I don't want to go with you as I will go with my brother Aayush and you take Sonia along as Aahna says go and loves Lakshmi so much she says to.

 Aayush we are shalo and shalo first. We will leave Ka Bahan at his house, FIR, we will go to our house, like Sankar Aayush will also be seen a lot. Shalo and Aayush are going to get married.

 very soon and you will see very soon. Shalo says to her sister Lakshmi. He says it doesn't matter whether aunty likes it or not, Krishna loves you not like I love Lakshmi, I love you. Mother does not like Lakshmi

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