Bhagya Lakshmi 21September 2022 full episode online HD


In Bhagilakshmi Show Zee TV you guys are going to see Lakshmi is going to take Rishi to Oberoi Parivar because his friend Manish has been arrested and Rishi is very happy when Manish is arrested and the police will have their.

 plan ever. Malik Shah says to Neelam that it is good that Manish has been arrested, otherwise Lakshmi was killed because of Lakshmi's words, all of our lives are in danger. On hearing.

 that she says to Malik Shah that you are saying that Lakshmi always creates some problem for us. Karan will see her daughter Malik Shah from the terrace and hug my branch and will say to.

 Malik Shah that it is good that nothing happened to us Malik Shah, we have escaped from Manish with your plan, this friend is still coming. Karan says this is not Sarf Malik Shah's plan, we.

 all made this plan together, so the credit should go not only to Sarf Malik Shah but also to my brother Aayush because even Aayush didn't see it. Ayush says to Aahna, "I am our helper, you are .

 saying that this plan was for all of us, Shalo and Bani are also included in it, why are they also our helper?" Sonia is talking to her brother Aayush. Why don't you give way, whenever you look at Shalu, I don't know if Ayush has been.

 taken away from Lakshmi in the house, and Bihar says to Sonia, Shalu's sigh says to Sonia, "If you go, brother, and Lakshmi's side, the names are wrong." What is it, he is the laughing stock of this.

 family, still Sonia says to Aahna, you are heaven, I don't like these middle class people, but you keep calling them names again and again, very bad for Sankar Shalo. felt Sonia is insulting.

 Shalo, but still Bani says to Sonia, you can't talk to Tarika and Shlo, I believe you are Rishi's talk, but you have no right to talk to us, even then. Malik Shah Bani ka to me ho kiyaa hai you talk to badas like that Rishi has helped your sister

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