Bhagya Lakshmi 22 Sep 2022 full episode online HD

In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi story of Zee TV show, you see Malik Shah is very happy when Rishi says to judge I want to take Lakshmi with him then judge Rishi says you don't go with Lakshmi. As the court has not yet heard its decision.

 Jeehan friends Jee Sankar Malik Shah says to his mother Karan it is good that Lakshmi was stopped by the judge or else Lakshmi would have gone to your Parivar again before marrying Jeehan.

 friends. In which you will see Rishi as yours, Rishi Jahaz says Lakshmi is Nardosh, Lakshmi has not done anything. She didn't do it, Rishi will be seen spoiling the name of his hotel, seeing which.

 Rishi is also going to get a big shock because Rishi tells the lawyer that the powder and spice of my hotel will expire with his words. Logon's life has been threatened by his.

 friend, who saw Sankar judge giving his verdict. The judge's decision will send Rishi to jail, which Neelam will not be able to resist. Ayush will tell Neelam that it is not Lakshmi's fault because .

 Rishi himself had planned this because Rishi wanted to save Lakshmi. Why can't you see Rishi behind bars, Malik Shah's father says to Malik Shah, "My son, it is difficult to do anything, why.

 Rishi himself has given his decision, it was not our idea." Rishi will do it but now we can't do anything about it but still Malik Shah says to her father do anything I want Rishi Kyunki and.

  Malik Shah's trick of not being able to help Rishi is going to create a problem for Rishi because Lakshmi reaches the court in a plane made by Malik Shah because Malik Shah Balwinder is told to.

 go to the United Nations where now Rishi Lakshmi Says Lee Chika Hai and you guys will see Bhagilakshmi show on Zee TV very soon

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