Bhagya Lakshmi 22 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you guys are going to see Rishi resting. Yes, friends, Malik Shah Rishi will be arrested, you will be seen reacting very angrily to Lakshmi and you will say to Lakshmi that Lakshmi told you, we were talking to you.  Everyone is being fooled. You don't love.

 Rishi. First, you have spoiled Rishi's name and now you have given Rishi a break.  When she sees the wind, she says to her driver, take me home, because I don't see all this. Friends, Neelam is going to reach before Parivar and.

 Aayush from behind, write Lakshmi too.  Not even Jeed has insisted that Lakshmi will not come to the Oberoi Parivar because Neelam now wants to, until Rishi is home from jail, Lakshmi too will not come to the Oberoi Parivar and this.

 is my order.  I will leave this house these friends Rishi's father will also appear to obey Neelam's order and will say to Lakshmi that you will stay with your house and your sisters during the FIR.  On the other hand, Rishi is also .

 going to know all this now, as soon as Rishi will know, Lakshmi is not allowed to be in my mother Neelam's house.  Talk to my mother and understand my father too to take Lakshmi to your house, Jee Haan Dostun, then Ayush says.

 to Rishi, Your mother has been flirting with me since now.  Ko thinks today you are in jail because of Lakshmi that's why she hates Lakshmi Rishi your husband loves you a lot that's why there is this misunderstanding yes friends from now.

 on you are from me Rishi my life's girlfriend.  but Aayush Rishi has to say that this will not happen to me because Malik Shah has also incited his mother against Lakshmi. In fact now even Karan does not want to.  She will be.

 seen talking to the commissioner and will say to the commissioner that whatever happens, my son Rishi should be released from jail because I can't see my son behind bars.

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