Bhagya Lakshmi 23 Sep 2022 full episode online HD

 Bhagilakshmi in the story of Zee TV show Malik Shah says to Aayush, Aayush your brother Rishi is in jail today because of your words, how dare you support Rishi, Rishi is madly in love with Lakshmi and you are making him mad too. Yes, friends, Rishi is going to get a lot

of trouble.

 from now on and in the upcoming episode you will see that Rishi will be seen insulting Malik Shah and will say to Malik Shah who are you? There is no option to do. What do you think? We do not love you. Malik Shah. My brother Rishi loves.

 me. But I also love Rishi very much. Let's go because it was about Lakshmi Bhabhi, that's why Rishi has taken all the blame for Lakshmi, Malik Shah, if you were in Lakshmi's place, then Rishi brother would have done it, and I also .

 support Rishi, but I'm telling you, why didn't I give up on you? Yes, friends, use Karishma, who is Krishi's mother. And Aayush has no courage to talk to you when we are not saying anything, why are you telling us, Aayush.

 yes, friends, Aayush will be seen listening to his mother and silent, and on the other hand, Malik Shah is also Rishi. We will go to jail to meet him. First you will see that Lakshmi goes to jail to meet Rishi, then Rishi says to Lakshmi.

 that I am not feeling well here at all because Lakshmi you are not here but you are not, Lakshmi when you are with me, write to me. She is going to understand Rishi's feelings and she will tell Rishi, Rishi, what do I feel when.

 I am away from you? And she sees Lakshmi talking because Malik Shah has also come to the police station to meet Rishi. Lakshmi doesn't know that now Malik Shah will come to Rishi and Lakshmi's bed and.

 Lakshmi will write to you. You are the only one who loves Rishi. Don't worry, you only love Rishi, then why did you keep listening to Rishi's lies in the court, if you wanted, you could have saved Rishi from going to jail, Lakshmi. He told Lakshmi to keep quiet and you can't talk like that between us

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