Bhagya Lakshmi 23 September 2022 full episode free HD

 Serial Bhagya is going to happen in Lakshmi, Rishi will be seen estranged from Lakshmi, you guys will be seen because Rishi tells lies in the court, with the sound of which Rishi will also.

 be seen going to jail. Hawa Ki Rishi has been arrested, otherwise I would not have seen Lakshmi and Rishi together, now Karan is talking to Malik.

 Shah. Even though you are happy to leave, Malik Shah says to her mother, I am not happy that Rishi won, I am happy that Rishi is going away from Lakshmi. Well, I also don't think that Rishi.

 has gone to jail, we all don't want Rishi to go to jail, but Lakshmi is also the voice of Rishi going to jail. Lam, your son Rishi is in jail, so his case is against Lakshmi. FIR Neelam will never forgive.

 Lakshmi because she hates Lakshmi even before Neelam. It's not good to come between you, I didn't want to do this, and Ahna hears Karan's words from traveling in the world and speaks .

 to Karan, so this Malik Shah is left between Rishi and Lakshmi, you don't want to see it. How much the brothers love Lakshmi, they have put themselves in danger to save Lakshmi, even Rishi has.

 defamed his hotel. Rishi Hamisha belongs to Lakshmi and will always be Lakshmi's. Yes, friends, Lakshmi reacts very angrily after hearing Anna's words. Saying Rishi and Lakshmi in the nude because I don't like to hear Lakshmi's name.

 anymore, even then Ana speaks to Malik Shah when you hear Lakshmi's name. If you don't like it, then why do you keep trying to impress Lakshmi? You know that Lakshmi can't be without.

 Rishi and Rishi too can't be without Lakshmi. Saath Daya Hai is the use of Monesh's simne Lakshmi also risking her life for the sake of Rishi

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