Bhagya Lakshmi 23 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh hona jaa hai ki Lakshmi and Rishi's birthday in their family ab mein Khushi anke ghar mein hai party and Rishi and Lakshmi are celebrating.

 their birthday and Maleshka challenges Lakshmi during the ISI 4. Mein Tum Ghar Se Bihar Nikal Dungi Mein Tu Kya Rishi Tabiyat Khude Hai Ze Bihar Nakle Ga Malishka makes a new.

 plan for Milkar with Balwinder. She tells Kalwinder that Lakshmi is rumored to love Balwinder. Is. Lee Jaeta wishes her a happy birthday, Jaaita, everyone is disturbed by Lakshmi's voice. It seems.

 that all the family members understand Lakshmi after seeing that picture and Rishi also thinks it is wrong. Hain Rishi also does not agree with Lakshmi, she also agrees to Anushka's words after .

 seeing this picture and makes Lakshmi angry. Behnahi tries her best to do the sabbath but she is unable to do so. And everyone in the family hates Lakshmi. Rishi and Lakshmi's paths have diverged now. Malishka has not fulfilled.

 her challenge. Now Lakshmi and Rishi's paths are separate. Do it, she keeps Rishi in her custody, keeps her family members in custody, and Sabko says that now she wants to marry me and ISI and.

 divorce Lakshmi. Devas and marry her but Rishi is not ready to marry Malik Shah and says to his mother I will not do anything before FIR because before me. I have received a lot of pain from.

 and I will never forgive Lakshmi. It is very painful to see this reaction of my brother. Digi and you guys will see very soon when Anna is saying to her brother that Lakshmi Bhabhi has not done.

 anything. Rishi also says to his sister Ahana that Lakshmi wants to understand me too. He wanted to talk to me and I wanted to understand. Lakshmi has tried to defame us by making her affair with

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