Bhagya Lakshmi 24 September full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Huha Hai, Balvendra is asking for money from Malishka. Malishka always helps him and gives money. I will expose you and tell the truth to Rishi and blackmail Malishka. Balvendra has to give money to Lakshmi's aunt and he is


 giving money. Lakshmi's aunt has many sabots of Balvinder and Malishka. Balvendra is not giving money to chachi. I will go with Rishi. I will see Balvinder even then he does not believe her. He does not listen to her. Lakshmi's.

 aunt goes to Rishi's house and takes all the evidence. After seeing all this, Maleshka starts crying and she starts saying that I did not do all this, she wants to save it. If you are saying that you have not done anything after seeing this evidence,.

 then why not talk to your brother. Tell all the truth even then Rishi beats Balvendra so much that he agrees to tell all the truth Balvendra tells all the truth he had supported him to win along with Lakshmi tells something then all


 the family unite. K Malishka is the enemy of the house, Lakshmi's SAS also does not consider Lakshmi as his daughter-in-law, he is so heavenly that Lakshmi is very good for our house and for our daughter. She apologizes that you were.

 the only one who was wrong for my son, who agreed with Malishka's words and felt familiar with you. You are not familiar. You are our daughter-in-law. She is exposed, her job is done, Rishi lets Kanshik and Dharmendra decide to.

 send Manishka to jail and Rishi's father doesn't think so. If she has committed a crime, she will meet Malishka. She is very hungry. She goes to Rishi and Rishi's men. They say I don't want to go to jail. I will never do this again. They take Jail to Lakshmi won.

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