Bhagya Lakshmi 25 September 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi you guys are going to see, when Lakshmi goes to the police station to meet Rishi, Ayush says to his sister-in-law Lakshmi, I will give a surprise to my brother Rishi and Lakshmi sister-in-law Aap Asme.

 along with me. You people will see when Aayush meets his brother then Rishi says to Aayush what are you doing here and where is Lakshmi then Aayush says to his brother Rishi says to you meet.

 you. Shouldn't have done this with Lakshmi, Rishi Bhai Tabi Rishi says to his brother Ayush, what have I done wrong with Lakshmi, now you tell me she was behind these tricks, so.

 who should I let Bardasht suffer. I want to give happiness and I can do anything for Lakshmi's happiness FIR why should I give my life for us yes friends still Ayush tells his brother that I have


 brought Lakshmi with me. But she says I will give a surprise to Rishi, you go and meet her then you will meet the same Rishi as Lakshmi. Shah Hogi because I always remember to use Lakshmi.

 Rishi's manse ka Manisha's name Sankar will appear quite sad because Lakshmi has left Rekha Hogi se Man Jekar but Rishi turns off Lakshmi's mood and others. From the trip, Karan and.

 Manisha are very serious about Lakshmi because she goes to Dudhwali with the same Rishi as Malik Shah. Waja asks Malik Shah that Rishi loves Lakshmi and I have to get Lakshmi out of.

 my way. If this continues, I will have to go to Oberoi Parivar because of the FIR. I don't like Neelam leaving the house. If Maa Haman wants to sacrifice her, Neelam starts liking Lakshmi, then.

 I will never get my Rishi. Rishi is my life Fe Lakshmi my life is snatching away from me Mother Mother do something yes friends this is all Malik Shah will be seen saying to his mother.

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