Bhagya Lakshmi 26 August 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Aayush and Shalu's wedding preparations are in full swing. In Rishi's house, Khushi has gone to one with Dubara. Lakshmi goes to the mall for shopping.  She says that Rishi is mine and will remain mine. Balishka says that within 24 hours I will marry Rishi and show off. Lakshmi gets very worried. She.

 is thinking that Pasni can even go for Rishi now.  What will be his next planning, Lakshmi is thinking this thought and on the day of Aayush and Shalu's wedding, Shalu goes to the parlor to get ready, Malishka has kidnapped Shalu, everything happens, time passes, Shalu doesn't come..

  Everyone is very worried about Shalo's speech, but then someone comes to Lakshmi and they say, bring so much money, come to the place, we will tell you.  Don't come or else we will kill your buffalo Shalo. Lakshmi is very upset and she goes alone with a bag


 of money.  Hai uski bhain chalu nahin hoti maliska Lakshmi Ko Kahati Hai Ki Rishi ko Bolo Mujhse Shaadi kar Le Tab Main Tumhari Bahan ko Chor do gi Lakshmi is very forced she goes home and tells Rishi all the truth and my.

 talk is now your hands.  I want you to marry Malishka. Rishi doesn't agree to marry Malishka. Lakshmi tries to make Krishi understand that Shalo is with Malishka. Malishka can do anything with us.  Karuga Lakshmi tells Rishi about her love and she says my.

 sister's life is in your hands. If anything happens to my sister, I will never forgive you. Rishi is forced to agree to the marriage.  They say, Rishi, why are you doing this? You hate Malishka, who can you marry her? Then they tell the truth to all the housemates.  My dream with Hamisha will come true and here.

 Lakshmi is crying, she can't do anything even if she wants to get married.  I doubt you will not leave my sight until I get married. You will marry me with your own hand.  .  Lakshmi lives with Malishka's eyes but Ayush loves Shalu a lot.  Oh, it's going to fog, it's shallow on the way.

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