Bhagya Lakshmi 26 August full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh hota ke Malishka and Balvendra Dono are in jail. Malishka's family is very rich and they have a lot of money. They try to bribe the policemen.  Malishka and Balvinder are jailed in the case of Logon's life, in which case Lakshmi and Rishi

are now in the truth.  After hearing this, Malishka's father goes to Rishi's house and asks Rishi to take back the case and.

 save my daughter. Now my daughter will never do this. Rishi does not believe.  Manish's father talks to Lakshmi that you should talk to Rishi. Rishi listens to you. Lakshmi talks to Rishi. Rishi doesn't like Lakshmi.  He tried to take it, did he always do wrong with you, now he will not save the important use. Rishi.

 thinks Lakshmi is Lakshmi's bad man.  Don't show never come to our house Rishi withdraws his case Malishka gets released from jail Balvinder says to Malishka I am your every  Helped many times and now when I am you are not.

 marrying me She ignores Balwinder and goes herself Balwinder stays in jail Malishka wants to talk to Lakshmi as soon as she comes back from jail Malishka  The father does not say to Malishka that today you are bad, don't show your face. Hearing this, Manish gets very


 angry. Rishi's brother Ayush gets in a relationship. He likes Lakshmi's sister Shalu. Ayush and Shalu get engaged.  Is.  Oh, when Manisha comes to know that there is happiness going on in their house, she says that they are celebrating by ruining my chain, they.

 want to destroy their happiness.  She says that I used to do the same things as I used to do, but now she is not there, even then she says that now I have to do something.  Ko wants to reach the number as soon as she sees that Lakshmi is one way Rishi is smiling at Lakshmi. Lakshmi.

 looks so cute.  Vali puts the wire. She says that when Lakshmi's paw goes on the wire, Lakshmi will get electrocuted and she will be killed.  Jacker bands the switch, Lakshmi puts it on the wire, Maleshka is shocked to see that she didn't like the current one, it's about Hamish, the engagement.

 disappears from there.  Rishi's brother Aayush talks to Rishi that this was going to happen today with his sister-in-law, someone has put this wire on purpose.  Yes, he says that Malishka is back from jail.  He goes home and it is good that you were in our house today, she.

 starts telling the usual lie that no, what am I going to do in your house?  Aung i Maleshka starts crying, Aayush says you are lying to win but I know you can do all this, why did you try to kill Lakshmi Bhabhi?  Saaf Mukar Jaati Hai Ayush Usse Kahta Hai Ki Main Tumhen I am giving the last warning this time you have gone back from jail but next time no one will save you remember I have you

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