Bhagya Lakshmi 26 September full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you people are seen getting worried about Malik Shah Balwinder, see why Balwinder said to Malik Shah, I will tell your truth to the family members because.

 before you married me. I have taken it lightly. It is not dangerous to cut Malik Shah. Now I will tell you. Yes, friends, because of this, Malik Shah will be seen worrying you guys.

 and her mother will be seen saying to Karan. I am going to fall because Neelam used to like Karan very much but now Balwinder's voice will show Karan moving away from Parivar..

 and you guys will see very soon when Lakshmi meets Rishi Rishi's Rishi meets reality. He celebrates and says to Lakshmi, you can't meet Rishi because already and ready many have got.

 milk from Rishi, but we will not meet you now. And she says to Aayush that I have to meet Rishte because I have to talk about relationship very urgently if that talk is not possible then I will


 not go from here to Rishi. Milane Ke Liye Shalu ke Sath Milkar Plan Karta Hua Dikhai Dega Jismein Shalu Bhi Ayush Ka Sath Dene Wali Hai Ayush Lakshmi ki help ki wajah se shalu ki kafi kareeb.

 bahut Aata Hua Dikhai Dega jisse Shalu ko Pata Achal Hautay Kaushayo Haa Haa Haa Dark Than Me Don't talk to me because whenever you see me or talk to FIR, I feel very strange. There.

 is something for me so come on and Aayush looks shy from a world as if Lakshmi is ever going to find out. Lakshmi says to Aayush what.

 are you guys doing I have to meet Rishi and I have time. Or are you doing it? Rishi was already angry with me because as soon as I went to Rishi, Rishi and I had a fight.

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