Kundali Bhagya today 16 Oct full episode online HD


The upcoming episode of serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Zee TV will be quite interesting in which you will see Balvinder making huge moves to get Lakshmi Diya Dostu Mee Jhe Khora.  Even then, Balwinder tries to enter through the back of the opera house and.

 tells his friend Guddu I am going to take Lakshmi and you don't want to stop here until I take Lakshmi.  Friend Lakshmi is sitting in Rishi's memories even then Balwindar Oberoi sneaks into the Parivar and Ayush is very.

 sad to miss his brother Rishi from traveling the world and meets Lakshmi in Meita Heeva's room.  aaspaas maujud Hota Hai Aur Dusri taraf se Malik Shah is also quite worried because the usage is also Balvinder dikhai deta hai mriksha ko lagta hai Balvinder yahan.

 mere liye Aaya Hai Lekin Malik S hah galatfahmi Hoti Hai kyunki Balvinder Lakshmi Ki Khatir Ata Hai per Malik Shah Balvinder  Billa Jaati Hai Aur Aapni Mom Se bolati Hai Mene Kaha Tha Na Yah Balvinder Bahut hi Ghatiya Insan hai Jarur Mere Sachai Bataane Aya Hoga Need Chagara Moyalam Then .

 our truth will go together with everyone.  Haan Dostan Malik Shah will be seen stopping Balwinder from going to Lakshmi's room and will say to Balwinder what are you doing here with me you will get your money FIR here is your way to disturb me yes friends .

 Then the bill  Vender says to Malik Shah, who is this who comes for your sake, I came here for my Lakshmi and to love milk.  Get out of my way let me do my work even then Malik Shah is talking about Balwinder Sankar feels relaxed and says to her mother or idiots will meet.

 Lakshmi here Ek Tha and Haman Laga ki has come to tell our truth.  But with Balwinder's action, Aayush will also be seen hitting Balwinder, as Ayush is going to his sister-in-law's room, then Balwinder will also be able to win Lakshmi's room.

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