Bhagya Lakshmi 28 Sep 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Yeh Hua Hai Ki Lakshmi is pregnant. Malishka is thinking about twelve times. Malishka finds Lakshmi outside the village.  Mallishka goes to Lakshmi's village and she meets Lakshmi. She tells him that I am Lakshmi's paradise. Where is Lakshmi? Do you like Lakshmi? I will not meet you with Lakshmi.  Ko gives the address of Lakshmi's house. He tells everyone in the house. She goes home with.

 the whole plan and tells Rishi that this child is not yours. Rishi is confused. He slaps Malishka. Rishi Malishka  All the family members also say to Malishka that this can't be done. Lakshmi can't do this. All the family members say that it's Sabbath. You don't have a hello. Even then Malishka makes us forget.

 Lakshmi.  She gets scared seeing Lakshmi is ready to use it. Larka lies on Malishka's request that this child is mine. She is very difficult. Rahi says that he is lying.  I am from heaven, he is a boy from my village, he always used to annoy me, but I have no relationship with him, he is a girl, he is talking, everyone.

 in the family is worried.  Now we are doing Lakshmi per Yakin Kiran or now Larke per Rishi's Minna says that now the milk will be milk and water will be water.  Sankar Maleshka becomes convinced that the DNA test report will show that the child is Rishi's.  Rishektha.

 says that I don't understand anything, who should I do individually and who should I not? Lakshmi says if that is the case, I will go to Rishi and the hospital for a DNA test.  In order to get tested.  They let Lakshmi's DNA test be done, even then Malishka also reaches the hospital, they.

 secretly pay the doctor to change the DNA test report, they change the DNA test report.  They are waiting for the test report. The DNA test report comes in. Malishka's report gets changed. Rishi sees the report which shows that this child is not Rishi's. Rishi tells Lakshmi


 what is all this.  All the family members also don't write Lakshmi per member, Ikan doesn't do it. Seeing all this, Maleshka is happy. Rishi Lakshmi says that now there is no jug in your house, now you also go from where you were in Rishi.  Aayush tells Lakshmi to leave the.

 house, no matter what happens, he is more devoted to his sister-in-law than he is to himself.  He doesn't listen. Lakshmi is crying along with everyone. She says that Rishi, tell me about you. Maleshka says to everyone. I used to say that this Lakshmi is not true.  Rishi and Lakshmi leave the house. Maleshka got.

 what she wanted. Maleshka is very happy that now Rishi will be mine. Now I will marry Rishi very soon.  Kar langi Malishka has become mine, Rishi and Rishi's family all hate Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes to her house after having bread. Lakshmi's sister 

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