Kumkum Bhagya today 14 Oct 2022 full episode online HD

The upcoming episode of drama serial Bhagilakshmi is going to be very interesting in which you guys will see Lakshmi meets Rishi and then Rishi is very happy to see Lakshmi and says to Lakshmi you can't see all this.  Lakshmi says to Rishi, when I was here, you also ate, I never.

 believed you, then why are you doing this to me, Rishi, I will not let you stay here for a single day, I will do it to you very soon, Rishi, are you?  You can trust me yes friends Rishi Lakshmi will be seen trusting you guys and Lakshmi will.

 be seen telling her plan to Rishi in which Lakshmi will be Rishi and leave me I think Mukesh knows the truth because now I want Mukesh  He can tell what happened on the day of use or friend which Sankar Rishi will be very happy.

 and will tell Lakshmi to die alone with him.  And on the other hand, Balvinder will be seen meeting Manisha, Jasmin Manisha is telling Balvinder about the use of love.  If Lakshmi finds out about our origin, then we both will go to jail.  I want.

 to do this myself because I am no longer interested in Lakshmi, I know that Lakshmi loves Rishi, she can never be mine.  Is Lakshmi not in love with Rishi Lakshmi Sarf is staying in Oberoi Parivar for money Yes friends Balwinder says to Manisha believe it or not Akshmi.

 and Rishi love each other and that is the truth and the truth  Never hide I know you are sounding my words but the truth is and Manisha Hemin Mukesh will not stay with Lakshmi Jastag Lakshmi will not be able to do anything and our truth.

 will not come with Oberoi Parivar now yes guys  In this plan of Malaysia Balwinder, Sankar will appear quite happy and will say to Balwinder, if your plan is less demanding, I will stay in work.  People will see very soon

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