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 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, it happens that Lakshmi goes home and goes. All the householders say that now everyone is happy in the house of Lakshmi's God Bharai.  Rishi is also taking care of Lakshmi. Malishka is burning seeing all this. She says I can't see this happening. She says I have to learn to do

something .

because she can do anything, Lakshmi.  She tries to kill the child of Lakshmi.  Don't let it happen I have to kill Lakshmi's baby Lakshmi goes to the kitchen at night to get water in the kitchen since it is very dark.  Malishka says that.

 Lakshmi is alone, Lakshmi has no one, this is the chance to kill Lakshmi's baby. Nixon Poonchni's Malishka goes after Lakshmi.  Something special falls. Malishka thinks that Lakshmi has fallen, but Lakshmi does not pick up. Pushing.

 Malishka, she goes to her room. She is waiting.  And Lakshmi Don is together, Malishka gets angry seeing UN Don together.  Milkar is preparing for the ritual. There is a swing for the ritual. Malishka goes and asks for a .

 swing. She gives a site of the swing.  When Lakshmi uses the swing, Maleshka is happy and we will have a plan, she says.  Lakshmi's baby will not be saved today. She is waiting for Lakshmi to fall. Lakshmi's swing is about to fall. Even then, Ayush sees the swing. He runs .

away and before they pass, Lakshmi picks up her sister-in-law from the swing.  Malishka's ship goes down and the cradle breaks. Ayush saves Lakshmi. When the cradle breaks, all the family members are worried that we are.

the heir of the house.  Malishka asks for this swing. All the family members ask Malishka that you asked for this swing, then what is all this? Milli cries and says that I was just helping you people. Anushka says that  It's a wooden.

 thing, it can break anytime, what's my fault, my only fault is that I'm the queen of helping you guys.  Whatever happens, you always blame it on me. Maleeshka gets dressed and goes to her room. We complete the ritual of worshiping God.  The plan fails. Malishka wants to make all the family members like her. She wants to keep all the family 

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