Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 1 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi has hired her lawyer against Malik Shah Lakshmi in the Zee TV show Yes Friends In the upcoming episode you are going to see Aap Logon Karan with his daughter Malik Shah.  Hain is telling her lawyer to.

 do something by which Lakshmi will never get out of jail for anyone and Rishi will also be seen seeing Lakshmi's dreams from traveling around the world.  Planning.  While Rishi is doing.

 his investigation because Rishi wants Jinna, who could be the one who implicated Lakshmi in this, so Rishi tells Aayush, I want the CCTV of my hotel. Ayush tells his brother in a hotel.

  Balwinder will also be seen entering the hotel on Malik Shah's request. Malik Shah comes to know about the logon. When Rishi tells Aayush to bring the CCTV video, Tab Malik Shah listens.

 to everything and Balwinder.  She says to call you, you have to reach the hotel quickly, I don't want anything to fall into Aayush's hands, if Aayush gets the CCTV video of the hotel, it will create a problem for me.  Along with.

 this, Balwinder will be upset and says to Malik Shah, I will never let Ayush take anything.  It is very important not to meet, Lakshmi can be released from the court. Lakshmi's lawyer has also told Rishi that we have to do many.

 things to release Lakshmi.  Do you have the guts to try to love friendship? You guys have to tell us why. Neelam has also told Rishi's father.  Rees hi let him use whatever he does he is ignorant but be wiser than you if you try to go against us I will end my relationship with you.

 Ji Haan Dost Rishi's father Neelam loving Neelam Kehlane.  I know my son has never made a wrong decision and I will never come to you two's dreams. I have faith in Rishi, he will surely replace Lakshmi.

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