Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 2 full episode online HD Zee TV

 The upcoming episode of Bhagya Lakshmi show on Zee TV is going to be very interesting Jasmin Rishi has hired a very bad lawyer for Lakshmi.  Hai Main Tumhen ine Salakhon Se Bahar Nikalunga But Rishi is trying very hard to.

 get Lakshmi to come out, because of which Rishi does not meet Lakshmi, even then Lakshmi does not meet Rishi, even then Lakshmi talks to Rishi with love, you are Rishi's.  Find out that I have not come to meet you for a long.

 time and neither Ayush has come to meet me. After all, what are you doing? Then Shalu tells her sister Lakshmi that I will not talk about Ayush either.  He must be helping me, that's why he is not talking to me, but Lakshmi, .

don't worry, I will tell you about Rishi's location.  Parivar sees that it belongs to Sonia, then she apologizes to Sonia, I am here to meet my Rishi Jeju, but from the front, Sonia tells Shalo that Rishi is not at home and you go to your sister, you are heavenly.  Ho Lakshmi 

 nee what a big problem yet you are here in chile jee han friends sonia insults shalo so much from holo love marriage and world travel you are going to see log malik shah's father as well kaonki karan  Her husband has returned and has said goodbye to her daughter Malik Shah.

  Not going away, but Lakshmi's father is saying that Rishi doesn't love his daughter Malik Shah, Balki loves Rishi and Lakshmi, and Malik Shah has come to know this as soon as Malik goes to Shehreri Om.  Rishi is seeing Lakshmi's dreams and misses Lakshmi a lot, which.

 makes Malik Shah feel very big and starts crying with his mother and not his mother, my life is done with Rishi Lakshmi.  Since time has passed, no one loves me, now I also want to take my revenge from Rishi. Rishi did not like cheating on me.  How much I love you. In reality, why did I not do anything to drink Rishi?

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