Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 3 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Bhagilakshmi Show Zee TV Story Will Show Very Badhya Twist In Upcoming Episode Aap Lug Kanaan Hai Rishi Will Be Seen Investigating Milkar Lakshmi's Case With His Brother Aayush Kushki In Aap Logon Ki Shaadi.  Karwana.

 wants but Malik Shah has also thought now I have to do Rishi Kapoor on himself otherwise Rishi will bring Lakshmi against Parivar which I don't want Jee Haan Dostun Asliye De Kokha Pasgi Taki Malik Shah Rishi Ko  Ayush will not allow .

 Malik Shah to do this because Ayush has already told Malik Shah that he had messed with someone with food.  Lakshmi Bhabhi is guilty. Yes, friends, on the other hand, Rano is also very worried about Balwinder, because Balwinder seems.

 to be ignoring Ranun.  If you don't receive my money yet, then I will tell your truth to Rishi Oberoi.  I will get the money, FIR, why are you bothering me again and again, Rano, and you guys are Rishi's waa?  Ladko will be seen meeting.

 Lakshmi's father in the emotion of why not, you will see the logon where Rishi's father is very sad to see Lakshmi behind the bars and says to Lakshmi that I wish I could not understand my wife Neelam.  I don't want to understand you,

 I have tried hard to understand and I have not been able to be a good father because I have been away from you by obeying my wife Neelam.  It doesn't matter, I understand that you love your family very much and where are you.

 alone, Rishi?  Never Jee Haan Dosto Lakshmi will appear to understand Rishi's father which will make Rishikesh happy to hear Lakshmi's words and will see you before saying goodbye to Lakshmi when the usage comes to know.

 that you are nothing like that.  One day you will surely understand the voice of which Neelam is angry with us today and you will also see the interesting story of Bhagya.  Lakshmi Show on Zee TV

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