Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 4 full episode online HD Zee TV

 Rishi is going to bring Lakshmi, seeing Neelum like a house, she will be seen getting angry with Lakshmi. I will not let Lakshmi live in the upper parivar, why do I hate the boy, Lakshmi has caused us a lot of pain, today my son is.

 going against me with Lakshmi's voice and I am not even able to hold my own. No, Karan, yes, like friends, Lakshmi now returns to Oberoi Parivar, so it happens to her from Karan, even then Karan says to Lakshmi, "Ek gayi,

 you have heard the name of Oberoi Parivar in the soil." And says to Karan, what is the way to talk to my sister-in-law Lakshmi, you are forgetting, you are no one for us. Oh no you can insult Lakshmi whenever you want. She is very happy.

 to see Aayush's affection for her friend and Lakshmi, but Aayush is very sad with Neelam. She doesn't like it and tells her daughter too that Lakshmi is not good, so Karishma will give Aayush a very angry look at you guys and.

 Aayush is very helpless with his mother. Dant rahi ho tum se jannat ho Shuroot Karan did it Karan didn't want to do that Karan didn't want to talk to Lakshmi like that Yes friends Jee Lim has a crush on him Which trika is it in


 the house to talk to the guests It also happened that Daya Karan, who hates you so much, there is a way, but on the other hand, she apologizes to Karan for the death of Lakshmi Rishi, Akhai Degi will tell Neelam that this all.

 happened through my mouth, so I Karan. Rishi will be very angry with Lakshmi and will say to Lakshmi how dare you apologize to Karan, you are my wife. Gee you are Rishi Oberoi's wife Tab Lakshmi says to Rishi when it comes.

 to big things then even if it's not your fault it's better to keep quiet Rishi I want you to listen to your mother you are useless. Yes, friends, Lakshmi is telling all this to Rishi, and on the other hand, Aahna finds out that she goes to Rishi's room.

 to use Lakshmi, thanking her sister-in-law Lakshmi for giving her sense as well as Dina. and says it is good that you have brought my sister-in-law Lakshmi

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