Bhagya Lakshmi Sep 7 full episode HD

 In serial Bhagya Lakshmi, Malik Shah attacked Lakshmi. Yes, friends, in the upcoming episode, you will see that Malik Shah has decided to remove Lakshmi from his way. I will not be able to adopt Rishi nor will Rishi ever become.

 mine, so Milkar along with her mother Karan will be seen pushing Lakshmi out of her way and will say to Balvendra Yeh mein rikanta Lakshmi is my Rishi through Lakshmi's voice. I don't.

 have Rishi. Hamisha keeps taking care of Lakshmi when Lakshmi is gone then he will clean me I want Rishi to stop me Rishi as I love us all Malik Shah Balwinder says By that time, Ahna listens to Malik Shah and says to Malik Shah that.

 Rishi can never be yours because Rishi loves Lakshmi and Malik Shah you are from heaven, Lakshmi is not at all your star. For matlab, Malik Shah, you can reach anyone's number, Lakshmi can never think of ISI as a sack and you don't want.

 love. Because I love my brother Rishi very much, from the next Malik Shah will say to Ana, are you heaven, I don't know anything about you outside of us. I will tell you about the previous story and earlier there was no Lakshmi in Rishi's life, now


 Lakshmi is a mill in Rishi's life and there is no place for you in Rishi's heart. She is going to go to Shah's room and will ask her daughter Aahna, are you fighting because Karishma also doesn't like Lakshmi, she will also support Malik Shah.

 and Aahna also knows about it O Aahna Malik. She leaves from Shah's room and tells her to tie Neelam, Malik Shah has gone mad. Neelam says to come from the front. What are you saying? Yes, friends, come from the front and say to Neelam, why don't you ask my mother Karisma, she is all good, Neelam ignores Aahna's words. comes People will also watch the serial Bhagya Lakshmi very soon thanks to the show on Zee TV

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