Bhagya Lakshmi September 10 full episode online HD Zee TV

Bhagya Lakshmi 10th September Full Episode Online HDZ Tv.

  In the new update episode you guys are going to see when Rishi feels that he can't save Lakshmi now Rishi makes a plan and tells Aayush Main use of Lakshmi Se Vida Kya Tha from Aaj.

 Ajma runs I will surely do whatever you want, you have to do anything with me. Yes, friends, Malik Shah also sees Rishi talking with Aayush and is very upset because Malik Shah thinks.

 Rishi Lakshmi is serious about Malik Shah. She is saying to mother and father, I have seen Rishi talking with Ayush. Rishi was telling Ayush that today I will save Lakshmi from here. Mother is.

 afraid of me. Mahant will be found in the soil, I will never be able to adopt Rishi in the FIR. Rishi is eating. He saw that Rishi was taking on Lakshmi, which Neelam would be very fond of, because Neelam felt that Rishi would.

 never. be in danger for Lakshmi's sake. It will be seen that Rishi's father will be very happy to see Rishi's love and on the other hand Shalo and Bani will also be very happy because their


 excuse is not written with happiness written by Lakshmi being released and Judge Sahib. She says that Rishi is telling a lie because Rishi loves me, so Rishi is saying anything, Rishi doesn't.

 know what all that is about me, friends, why don't you write to tell the judge, because Rishi and Lakshmi love Malik Shah. will also make a lot of trouble, which will make Malik Shah.

 sad because even after doing so much, Lakshmi is free and Balvendra will also be very happy when Lakshmi is freed because Balvendra's Lakshmi's happiness. He wants to see Lakshmi, so he goes to the court and lies to Malik Shah that I am here in Lakshmi's writings. is going to bring

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