Bhagya Lakshmi September 14 full episode online HD Zee TV


Balvinder will be seen stopping Lakshmi in Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV In Jee Hain Dostoune Wale episode you guys are going to see as soon as Lakshmi goes to Rishi to save Rishi then Havendra stops him seeing himself. He will.

 appear and tell Lakshmi that Rishi doesn't love you Lakshmi Rishi is cheating on you because if Rishi loves you then I see Malik Shah from Tara Obha house I am still living yes friends even then.

  Lakshmi says to Balvendra you don't know anything about us, Balvendra get out of my way and let me go. Friends, Lakshmi gets very nervous listening to Balwinder and Lakshmi is going to.

 have a lot of trouble and in the upcoming promo it is shown that Lakshmi is also seen raising her hands on Balwinder and on the other hand Shalo is also chasing Lakshmi and Balwinder. As soon.

 as Chalo Lakshmi sees Balwinder, Balwinder laughs Balendra laughs and Shalu says to Balvendra leave my hand, but Balvendra says to Shalu I will not leave Lakshmi's hand, do whatever .

 you have to do, then let's call Aayush and you regret it. And Neelam is also going to get conscious from traveling around the world, because the terrorist attacks Neelam, by the sound of which.

 Neelam faints, but now Neelam is also going to get conscious, with which Neelam Rishi beats you, I think. Yes, these people have hidden your father somewhere. Jee Haan friend Rishi will.

 be seen deceiving his father by obeying his mother and Aahna will also be seen supporting her brother because she also loved Rishi's history very much. And from the second Taif, Karan will be seen teasing her daughter Malik.

 Shah because Malik Shah is with her father, but Karan does not know that Karan is his daughter in the previous episode, even then Sonia tells Karan that you are worried. We are with him, nothing will happen to your daughter, we will kill your daughter, but Malik Shah is completely safe.

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