Bhagya Lakshmi September 15 full episode online HD

 In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi story of Zee TV show, Balvendra will be seen very sad seeing Lakshmi with Rishi. She has been saved but now she will not be saved from my hands if Lakshmi.

 you are not mine, I will not let you be Rishi's and the whole world is very worried about Neelam Rishi because Neelam is the best beggar of the United Nations. Ek goes but Rishi goes to the.

 UN goons to save Karan and Karisma which makes Neelam very sad and asks Aayush what was the need for Rishi to let me in again. Hi must have gone but Lakshmi escapes from.

 UN Gundon before Neelam but stays with Kiran and Kiran's friend UN Gundon. The goons say to Karan if you try to escape, we will kill you. Many people have already fled, but now if an


 of you try to do anything from here, we will stop using it. Now Rishi is also with the goons of the United Nations. The goons say to Rishi, fulfill our demand, we will leave your family and you. You.

 people have caused my mother a lot of trouble, now you people are not going to get anything, even then they will show up attacking Rishi per Himla and they will call Malik Shah and say that.

 your Rishi is not listening to us now you. What happened but Rishi doesn't know that they are the goons of Malik Shah because Malik Shah is planning all this together with his father and.

 mother, but very soon even Rishi will know all this. He will also be seen arguing with the UN goons for the sake of saving his brother Rishi by obeying his aunt Neelam. It is done and says to.

 Neelam, I will save your son Rishi, Rishi is not only your son, but he is also my brother and this matter. You will also see Neelam getting emotional after listening to Ayush's speech.

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