Bhagya Lakshmi September 18 full episode online HD

 In the interesting Sobhagya Lakshmi show on Zee TV, you guys are going to see Manish's anger getting very hot. And he says to ISI, keep quiet, if my mind goes crazy, I will shoot him. Yes, Rishi will be seen keeping silence.

 to Malik Shah. She says, "Did you have the courage to come in? I am very sad. You didn't want to do this. Rishi, this friend. Rishi has to tell Lakshmi next. If I don't come in, these people.

 will take your life." I don't think anything is going to happen. Yes, friends. Ahna is very happy to see her brother Rishi's love and says to Aayush, our brother Rishi is very good and cares for.

 Lakshmi Bhabhi a lot. When you will talk about Anna and talk to Ayush, learn something from your Rishi brother, then Ayush Shalu has to say that you also want to teach something from.

 sister-in-law Lakshmi. Hi Shalo, we also love a world like this, but we listen to Aayush's words like Shalo, you guys will also look quite shy and on the other hand, listen to Manish .

 Aayush and Shalo's talk, Aayush per Chale Howa de one. He will say, "This is not your home, here you are telling each other your love story. You are my host at this time. If the police do not fulfill.

 my demand, I will not leave you. Yes, friends. Drama serial." The story has become quite interesting because Manish has told the police his demand but the police refuses to fulfill.

 Manish's demand and says to Manish we need some time but Manish tells the police I don't have enough time. If you guys don't listen to me then I will finish all of them one by one FIR you.

 guys keep thinking Karan is very nervous listening to Manish's words and says to Rishi you are my daughter Malik Shah I don't think so. Manish will leave us alive but Rishi further tells Karan that you are worried, I will not let anything happen to anyone.

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