Bhagya Lakshmi Today 20 sep full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the Zee TV serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you guys will see Monesh getting arrested, you guys will see how Lakshmi is going to do the planning. From. He closes and says to Rishi's family I will not leave Rishi because Rishi has troubled me.

 so much if I leave Rishi then my name will be tarnished. will Lakshmi says to Manish it can never happen, you will not do anything to Rishi because you won't do anything to Rishi. Lakshmi says to.

 Malik Shah, "I am not joking anymore. You are doing that to us because of Malik Shah's punishment. Why are you saying Rishi from one side?" I love you and from the other side you are talking about.

 Manish Rishi's life. I have now decided that Malik Shah will release Main Rishi from Manish's clutches and I will live with Lakshmi. Saath Milkar is going to help her Parivar, seeing which


 Sonia will also be quite impressed with her sister-in-law Lakshmi and will say to Aahna that for the first time in her life Lakshmi has done something good for our Parivar please tell her. Because.

 Sonia used to insult Lakshmi all the time but now Sonia's mind is going to come out for Lakshmi which will make Rishi's father also very happy and also see Sonia hugging each other. Jara is not.

 happy because Karan is the mother of Malik Shah, so she supports her daughter Malik Shah and asks Sonia to help Laxmi and her family. And Malik Shah has not helped much. Use Rishi. If there is a jihad to save from Monesh, then.

I have to tell Aayush Karan. My Rishi Bhai's life could have been lost. Lakshmi Bhabhi took care of Manish. Otherwise, Manish was going to shoot Malik.

 Shah too, but Lakshmi also saved Manish. And you guys will see drama serial show very soon in Zee TV thanks for visiting my site

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