Bhagya Lakshmi Today 24 Sep full episode online HD

In the latest episode of Balvendra Ho Chicha Hai Paagal serial Bhagya Lakshmi you will see when Lakshmi is going to jail to meet Rishi, still Balvendra sees Lakshmi and gets mad at Lakshmi Jee Hanste Baste Dost. It happens and.

 Balwinder says to Guddu that Lakshmi is very cute and likes me very much. I want to be the hero of Lakshmi's dreams. Still, Guddu tells Balwinder that it is not difficult. We are not from Lakshmi. No, we will take advantage of Balwinder's.

 time. Yes, friends, from now on, Balwinder will also say to Guddu, "I will find Lakshmi. Even if the FIR takes her, to kidnap Lakshmi again is to separate me from the country." Shah is saying to Karishma that now Rishi is not mine.

 anymore, I am currently breastfeeding Rishi, you are heavenly. If your Rishi is not yours anymore, Malik Shah says to Karisma, Rishi has told me that I love Lakshmi, this Lakshmi has become music for me. Now I feel like


 Karisma I want to leave Rishi, even then Karisma says to Malik Shah, "Are you talking directly to me?" Malik Shah says you bring your feelings in Rishi's heart again, then Aahna listens to Karisma and Malik Shah and tells her.

 mother Karisma to never think about it. Now Rishi's heart is jammed, Lakshmi is sitting there, my good, you won't be able to get out, then Aahna's mother will say to Aahna, shut up, Lakshmi has already messed up your mind.

 a lot. Whenever I see you people saying hello to Lakshmi Tariq, what's the matter with the name that is not in Malik Shah's name, even then Ahna says to her mother that Malik Shah has got anyone's number for him but not.

 Lakshmi vah dusron Ki Khatir Apni Jaan Bhi Do Per Laga Deti Hai Aur Aapane Dekha Kiss Tarah Se Lakshmi Ne Rashi bhai ko UN gundon se bachaya hai tabhi Karishma Aana se Kahate Agar Lakshmi Ne Rishi Ko Bachaya Hai to Rishi Ne Bhi To Bacha Hayimi Anna tells her mother then you You should understand how much these two love you

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