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Another new happiness has come to Lakshmi's house in the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Mein Hua Hai.  He is very happy, but Khushi is about to see Malishka. When Malishka finds out that Lakshmi is pregnant, the whole hall bursts into tears. Malishka refuses to kill herself.  She says that I will kill Lakshmi.

 and her child. Malishka is planning to kill Lakshmi.  Feeling respected, she says that I am not wronged by the people.  Ain Tumse Shaadi Karunga Maine iski wajah se apni Jindagi Kharab kar di main Aaj Tak iska Intezar Karti Rahi Ne Mera Istemal Kiya vah Kahati Hai.

 Ke Ghar ke Sab Log Bhi Rishi ke Sath Mile Hue The Aur Ab Mujhe Insaaf Chahie A. Logon asked me  Lakshmi comes out of the house and tells many lies to the policemen and she starts crying. The policemen say that if anyone leaves Malishka from the house, I will put you.

 all in jail. They are all family members.  After seeing Malishka's behavior, Malishka realizes that Malishka is a scumbag. Manish goes to Rishi's house again and she says that she is leaving the house after doing all her work.  Rishi's men want to die. Rishi's men are saying to Lakshmi.

 that now you have to take care of yourself, you have to take care of your food and drink and you will not do anything bad today.  She is going to take milk, even then Maleshka goes and keeps her talking and she mixes gold in the milk. Rishi's mind does not know.  Chalti


 is not doing anything to Maleshka. She takes the milk and goes to give it to Lakshmi. Maleshka is happy that now Lakshmi and her child will not be saved. Laxmi tells Maan that I am going to die in a bad way. Who is her husband?  You should take good care of.

 yourself now, you are with me. Lakshmi takes a glass of milk to drink milk.  Malishka says that this is the right opportunity to kill Lakshmi. Malishka sneaks away from all the family members.  No one has come. Malishka is going to Lakshmi to cover the.

 use. Even then, Rishi comes from the office. He asks all the family members where Lakshmi is. Rishi's men say that she is eating.  Rishi also leaves when Rishi leaves, Malishka comes to know that there is a way.  That if you have taken Ni Tza Hawa, now Taq Chale.

 Ri takes Lakshmi away. Malishka says that Lakshmi is saved every time. Malishka tries to knock Lakshmi down.  Aayush comes to give love to Lakshmi Bhabhi, all the family members are afraid that Lakshmi will go home today, then Aayush will leave the child to Lakshmi Bhabhi.  Everyone in the family was cleaning.

 everyone. Who brought the oil here? Malishka is confused about everything. She says that it must have fallen from someone.  Where did the oil come from? Aayush doubts that all this is not done by Malishka, who is repeatedly talking and not even letting the world talk.  Aayush has to say to all the family members.

 that I know all this is not Malishka, what will happen to Anushka Jeena?  Aayush says that we see all this in the CCTV camera, Sankar Maleshka is scared that I won't save you.  If there are, nothing can be seen from the CCTV cameras.  Malishka gets R one and says that you are making a decision on the log.

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