Bhagya Lakshmi Today 29 Sep full episode online HD

Drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi will be in some music. Maleshka doesn't let Rishi go. She says no you can. You always do this to me. He says now I will use you Lakshmi.  Dongi Shalo is crying because of stealing her marriage, no one is ready to help her.  until  Rishi's mother tells Aayush to scold Lakshmi Bhabhi .

if you try to escape from the house, no one will be angry with me.  Ardasti is getting married, Malishka is getting married to Rishi, Malishka gets Balvinder's call, Malishka goes to the room to talk to Balvinder, then Aayush is suspicious of Malishka, that too.

 Malishka is not there to meet me.  Malishka is talking to Balvinder, Aayush hears everything, Aayush comes to know that Lakshmi Bhabhi has kidnapped Malishka, Aayush hears this from Malishka and goes to the room.  I already.

 suspected you that you are doing all this and you have also kidnapped Lakshmi Bhabhi. Ayush says now tell the truth and strip Lakshmi from me.  Ayush says I will tell Rishi Bhai now that you will kidnap Lakshmi bhabhi from.

 you.  Ayush says that I don't have any evidence but I will get it very soon. Maleshka is leaving for the wedding. Ayush picks up Maleshka's mobile phone.  He calls Balvinder, he speaks in Malishka's voice, Balvinder speaks


 everything and Aayush records it all, the place where the wedding is held, Aayush goes and stops the wedding.  What is all this? All the family members say that what evidence do you have? What is all this? How is Aayush?  Come,

 he tells the entire recording of Balvinder to all the family members. All the family members come to know that Malishka has kidnapped Lakshmi. Rishi asks Malishka to tell Sat now where Lakshmi is. Ashi goes to Lakshmi. Malishka tells all the truth.  Where is Lakshmi? .

Rishi asks Lakshmi. When he goes to the car, he sees that Balvendra is getting married to Lakshmi. He leaves Rishi and gets scared after seeing the wedding. Rishi beats Balvendra badly.  Lakshmi says I was heaven, you will come, you can never hate me. Rishi says I will.

 not tell you.  You have saved me every time from the music I was in. You have helped me in the music that I used to use. That is why I went to help you.  When Tum sees everything, Maleshka is happy that Rishi still hates Lakshmi

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