Kundali Bhagya Today 13 Oct 2022 full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, it happens that Lakshmi is going to steal the city. Lakshmi goes to Rishi and says that I am going to steal the city. If so, this is your child. She says that if you don't like me, then I don't care to stay here anymore. Malishka gets very happy after hearing all this. She says that I am.

 useless to you. Lakshmi is gone, she is someone, Lakshmi is stealing Rishi by herself, but I have done nothing, fate is also supporting me. I will get married to Rishi, she used to be the only one who was not allowing me to marry, now she is leaving, so Rishi is mine. Rishi is.

 very sad to hear this from Lakshmi. sakta hai vah L akshmi ko Kahta Hai Ki Jao Mujhe Tumhari Zarurat Hai Lakshmi starts crying for Rishi and leaves there. When Rishi and his man go to the hospital, the doctor tells Rishi the truth that Maleshka does not give money, that is, to change


 the test report, they say that he is your child. Rishi hears this. He gets very depressed and complains why I didn't agree with Lakshmi. He says that now Lakshmi will never forgive me. He also tells the truth to his wife. When Lakshmi and I are separated, Rishi says that I.

 will not steal Malishka's bar. He says that if Lakshmi is gone, I will kill Malishka. Akshmi has to stop him. He runs away and goes to Lakshmi's house. He looks at Lakshmi. He is very happy to see Lakshmi. I have done my best, now I.

 don't have to do it anymore. She says the biggest thing is that you didn't know about me. Rishi Lakshmi says that now everything is true. Malishka says change the test report with DNA. Whatever it is, I didn't have any relationship with you, so now you have come to me, now she says.

 that I will not stay with you anymore. I will not go with you now. Rishi starts crying listening to Lakshmi. I won't listen to you either. Rishi says to Lakshmi that please forgive me, I'm sorry, let's go home now. Aayush goes there. Lakshmi forgives Rishi. Lakshmi goes home.

 with Rishi. When Rishi takes Lakshmi home, Malishka loses consciousness. Rishi asks Malishka why you don't think about all this, never forget. If you tell me why you did this, Maleshka starts crying, she stops her acting. Aayush says that we did not want you to cry. In the eyes of the family members, Hamisha's trumpet falls and becomes nikam

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