Bhagya Lakshmi Today episode

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi In today's episode you guys are going to see Lakshmi has reached the court first and on the other hand Rishi has also reached the court first by taking Lakshmi's lawyer Lakshmi has told the media that there is no Shahi for our wife, it will be Kisoram. She


 has also made a very bad plan against Lakshmi. Yes, friends, Malik Shah has bought a media reporter and she has appointed a very bad lawyer against Lakshmi. Because Malik Shah does not want her, Lakshmi is my.

 daughter, my daughter, she is talking to Shah Rishi. Yes, I am with you, I also want Lakshmi to return home very soon because Malik Shah is saying all this to win Rishi's heart, but Rishi is understa nding everything. I say, Malik .

 Shah, I want Lakshmi to return home. Come and live your life like before with your family, but Karisma and Neelam do not want Lakshmi to return to our family now, so Neelam is going to support Malik Shah, because Karan


 has left Neelam, Rishi and Malik Shah. Because of the marriage of Neelam, Lakshmi goes away from Rishi. I can complete Vida with Karan but Rishi's father does not want Lakshmi.

 to go far away from our house. They like to see, that's why they are doing all this and Balwinder will also be seen in the court on the words of Malik Shah. So I will tell you, but Balwinder is working.

 for Malik Shah by taking money from Malik Shah and ISI knows about Ranan, Ranan will also appear to Balwinder at the last chance because Ranan is talking to Balwinder. First you.

 work for me but by the sound of your mistakes I did not get anything from Lakshmi and I am also a paradise that you are the king for me. I am silent even if I know the truth because.

 I told you about myself and you told me to write your song like this in Balwinder Balwinder you still haven't given me even one Balwinder puts me on look at you you talk to me so much love

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