Bhagya Lakshmi Today full episode hd

In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya, Yeh Hawa Hai, Lakshmi is cooking in the kitchen. Lakshmi's dupatta catches fire. Lakshmi does not know that there is a fire when the fire breaks out many times. Tab Lakshmi Patta in the kitchen.  Lakshmi also gets caught on fire. Lakshmi also gets caught on fire. All the family.

 members take Lakshmi to the hospital. The doctor says that she got caught on fire from a very big star. Sorry, Rishi.  Lakshmi's speech is very disturbing. All the family members are very worried about Lakshmi's speech. On the other hand, Maleshka is happy because fate is also.

 supporting me.  It is happening, Malishka says Lakshmi is also in the hospital, this is the right time for me to talk to Rishi.  Hai ki Mujhe tumse koi baat nahin Karni mene kaha tha na ki Mujhe Aapni Shakal Bhi Mat Dikhana nikal Jao Yahan.

 Se Vah Rishi ko Kahati hai ki tumhe satmare tumhe sakar Can't do it.  I can't live without you. Rishi calls for Malishka's hand and leaves the hospital.  What happened? Lakshmi has gone to the hospital, but she will not come back.

 alive. She plans to kill Lakshmi. Inside, the doctor is doing his surgery. He is doing surgery on Lakshmi.  Right now there is doctor and all Bihar is riding on Lakshmi's family. Now Lakshmi doesn't even have Marvin Balvinder


 to help me.  And she tries to get Balwinder out of jail, she wants to meet Balwinder alone, permission is granted to meet, she says to Balwinder that I will let you out of jail, but you will be mine, Bhinder, when you get out of jail yourself.  I was going to the tab, so I didn't write.

 it down, now when it came to work, I remembered the pre-main tab, Balvinder says that I am fine in the jail, now you go with whomever you are working with, take a meal and eat it.  I'm getting you out of jail. She tries to seduce.

 Balwinder. Balwinder talks about Malaysia. Manishka gets Balwinder out of jail.  Getting married in Maleshgaon as soon as he gets out of jail.  Lakshmi is on fire and she is in the hospital.  ko Adhe Paise De Deti hai and Kahati hai ki.

 Adhe Paise kam hone ke bad Balvinder Lakshmi ko Marne Ke Bare Mein Soch Raha Hota hai ki Lakshmi ko Kaise Mara Jaaye tabhi Uske Dimag mein Ekatai disguises himself as a nurse when he goes to the hospital.  So Lakshmi's whole.

 family is there. Balwinder just comes from jail. He is scared to see Rishi and Rishi's family. He says, "Don't send me to jail again."  They are in the hospital, everyone is crying with Lakshmi's voice. Balvendra says that they will not go anywhere, they will stay at Yahi, I.

 will have to do something.  Bahush is unconscious and Lakshmi has no one.  He is yorking with difficulty, even then Balwinder hears the sound of someone coming. Balwinder is very scared. He says, "What should I do now?"  She hides, they go to the room, Balvinder is not visible. Balvinder hides behind the curtain. Rishi 

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