Bhagya Lakshmi Today full episode hd

 In the drama serial Lakshmi Bhagya Yeh Hawa Hai, Rishi and Lakshmi get separated, Lakshmi is very upset, Lakshmi is at her mother's house, Lakshmi's aunt gets better, Lakshmi is pregnant, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi, is pregnant with Lakshmi.  She goes.

 to him and says that you use to do this work, you give money to him, that boy was lying so much. Maleshka says that you are crazy, whatever happens to you, it is in Lahiya Surf.  I can do it Lakshmi says I don't think I know you are.

 the only one who can do such a stupid act. Lakshmi leaves after telling Malishka.  She tells him that you tell me the truth, why did you tell a lie, you are harassing me even in the village, now why did you tell such a big lie?  Lakshmi says that.

 this can never happen, when Rishi will know the truth, then Lakshmi will say who is the bad guy today, to see me in my form.  It is said that I have waited a long time for Rishi to marry me. Maleshka says that Rishi and I are married by .

a bigger marriage than all of us.  Hey Malishka to all the family members, get us engaged, all the men of the family go. Per Rishi loves Lakshmi very much. He cannot forget Lakshmi.  Rishi is in a very bad mood. Maleshka tells Rishi that all the family members have.

 decided that we will be engaged. Rishi hears this from Maleshka and says nothing.  You are sitting like this, you have to see Lakshmi, how much you hate her that you can live without her. Malishka has written to Rishi. Malishka says.

 to Rishi to burn Lakshmi that we both tie Lakshmi to our engagement.  Rishi says I won't do all this. Maleshka is ready to do this for Rishi.  They go to invite Lakshmi for her engagement. Malishka says to Lakshmi that now you see with your own eyes, Rishi is happening to me.  Malishka


 says to Lakshmi that when I see you, I will feel very happy and justice will be done in my happiness.  Never do this is difficult Rishi Sarf loves me I have Rishi can't marry you Malishka says to Lakshmi that you have great faith but it is not that he is marrying me Lakshmi says that you.

  You are lying, I want to hear this from Rishi's mind.  Now I will start my new life by marrying Malishka and I will forget all this. Lakshmi starts crying. Lakshmi's mother insults Rishi and Malishka.  Rishi and Malishka get angry and go away from there. Lakshmi.

 says that I will go for the engagement.  She says that I will also show Rishi and Malishka that I can be happy without Rishi. She is angry because of their lakhs of manna.  She is very sad and starts crying that no one cares about me. Everyone is very happy here and I.

 am worried about them. Malishka goes and sees Lakshmi crying.  Gone are the days of your crying, from now on your whole day Sharo Rishi Lakshmi has a path to talk to Lakshmi writes.  Rishi goes to Lakshmi, Maleshka stops Rishi, Maleshka keeps Rishi 

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