Bhagya Lakshmi Today Sep 8 full episode online HD


In the serial Bhagya Lakshmi show Zee TV story, Mukesh has entered this friend. In the upcoming episode, you will see as soon as Lakshmi's lawyer tells the judge that you can give your verdict, then Mukesh's hotel is Joker Malik. On.

 the request of Shah, he has been missing for a long time, but now on the request of Malik Shah, Mukesh has read in the court and will also show his statement whether his friend Mukesh will testify in favor of Lakshmi or file an FIR.

 against Malik Shah. With. Nehmin comment section to explain why in the upcoming issue Mukesh is seen going against Lakshmi Mukesh tells the judge that Lakshmi has done all.

 this even then Rishi gets married to Rahnshi Vada. I have done and said to Shalo, I will take Lakshmi from here, but now Lakshmi is bad for Mukesh's entry and has already paid the fans.

 in Masbat and Malik Shah is very happy with the second trip. It is going on, but Malik Shah is not doing all this alone, Usman Karan is also supporting Malik Shah, for whom Neelam is very good, so Neelam is silent. Lakshmi


 supports the truth every time. Rishi also likes it very much. Is there a friend? Lakshmi will be able to reveal her truth. You guys have to tell us. Mukesh should be seen supporting Malik.

 Shah because of the king who touches the country. On the other hand, Rana will show her daughter Lakshmi saving. Use the It was Balwinder who got me where I was and Mukesh also knows this very well. As soon as Mukesh sees.

 Balwinder in front of him, he will be very excited and will ask Malik Shah how dare Balwinder was. We will talk to Balwinder in court. The voice actors love Lakshmi and can never see Lakshmi.

 in trouble so Balvendra's love for Lakshmi will prove to be quite a fidemand for Lakshmi. And will be very happy and even then she will show thanks to Balvinder as if Balvinder will be very happy

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