Kumkum Bhagya Sep 8 full episode hd

 Lakshmi's lawyer did not handle Lakshmi's case Anker Jee Haan Dostoun serial Bhagya Lakshmi's upcoming episode will be quite interesting Jasmin Rishi's lawyer says to Rishi if this continues, it.

 will never happen to us. You won't be able to take me with you. Yes, friends. Sometimes Rishi goes to Lakshmi and says to Lakshmi, what are you talking about, Lakshmi, yo .

 are heaven, you have not done anything like this, yet I want you to have fun. I want to free you from here, but you are not supporting me. Yes, friends, Lakshmi tells Rishi from the front. I.

 cannot tell a lie. I made that food. Neelam says to her son Rishi from Taraf, I saw Lakshmi, Lakshmi doesn't have any chance, she hates me for making us look good. Mother says that if Lakshmi


 does all this, she is not telling the truth, mother is also good, heaven is good, Lakshmi has not done anything. On the other hand, Malik Shah looks at Nekar and says Tab Malik Shah .

 says, "Has Lakshmi done anything or FIR?" No, this will be decided by the court. Why are you arguing with each other? You won't get it because Balvinder has changed his base so that no one can.

 read Balvinder save Malik Shah but Aayush also goes to Bihar from the court behind Shalo. Aayush understands Shalu, Shalu goes to him, then Aayush also sees Balwinder, but Aayush.

 knows Balwinder only by seeing him and runs to his brother Rishi and says to his brother Rishi, I saw Balwinder here. Yes, I think it's all from Balvinder, so why not? Then Rishi says to.

 Aayush, "It can be possible, because Balvinder can write behind Lakshmi. We have to cook Balvinder. Yes, friends Rishi and Ayush are cooking Kolvinder." You people will be seen.

 and you will see very soon. When Balvinder finds out that Shah Balvinder is using me to ask, he says, take care of Rishi. She says how dare.

 you come here, you didn't say anything, now you are gone, take care of yourself Do not listen to me, he is obsessed with Lakshmi, now Rishi

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