Bhagya Lakshmi 19 Sep full episode online HD Zee TV

 In the latest episode of today's serial Bhagya Lakshmi, you guys are going to see Lakshmi risking her life to save her Rishi and on the other hand Malik Shah seeing Lakshmi saving Rishi.

 seems to say to Manish. Gee Yeh Lakshmi keeps pretending all the time that I love Rishi but I love Rishi even then Manish will say to Malik Shah that if you loved Rishi you would kill me to.

 write something to save Rishi. Rishi's life is also put in danger where friends Manish will see Rishi hanging on the ice and Aayush also tells Manish that you are doing a lot of wrong. Di hai.

 Manish says to Aayush from now till the police fulfill my demand then I will keep harassing all of you like this yes friends Neelam listens to Manish and says to Iran in Lakshmi's voice we


 are here. But Lakshmi is not here in the ears of the United Nations and we are not here, but Manish is understanding and says to Neelam, Neelam you idol. Ate Ahine Ho because Lakshmi can.

 never think bad for your family, Neelam, you are also a good heaven. Manish is worried about you and on the other hand Sonia also tells Lakshmi a lot of things. Dighai digi says to her.

 brother Aayush, do anything to get us out of here. I'm not happy to stay here either. Look, Sonia, if my bus goes, I'll get all of you out of here. has said that if the police do not listen to him, he will kill.

 my brother. He is very afraid of me. Rishi thought bad of his brother and left here. Have you gone in front of Manish, did Malik Shah have the courage to make a deal with Manish's man? What's the matter with us? If Malik Shah's plan.

 succeeds, then we will be free from here. Still, Karan sees Aayush and Sonia talking and says to Sonia that this is not the time for you to quarrel. Rather think that we people. kaise

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