Bhagyada Lakshmi 19 Sep full episode online HD Zee TV

 Serial Bhagya Lakshmi show upcoming episode of Zee TV Man Aap people are going to see Manish Rishi says you have troubled us a lot but now we will also trouble your family a lot yes friends even then Neelam will.

 be . Ko says you let us go, we will give you so much money that you will never see in your entire life. Yes, friends. Let us do our work, otherwise we will kill your son Rishi. Yes, friends, on the other.

 hand, Balvinder also talks to Ranu, listening to Manish's words. Hai Tum To Mujhe Kahate Ho Main Bahut Bada Gunda Hun Lekin Ab Tumhen is Manish Se Dar Kyon Lag Raha Hai Aur Dusri Taraf se Chalu Aapne Rashi Jiju.

 ke Liye Manish ke Age Hath Faila Tai Hoi will appear and speak to Manish then my Jiju Leave but Manish says to Shalu I will not leave anyone here and do your drama band because since when


 am I deporting you guys if the police did not fulfill my demand. So then I will kill all of you in one go and no. There is also a man in the media who is also making a video of Manish but Manish does not.

 know that a video of Manish is also made. Yes, friends. The video of Manish is going to be in the hands of the police and very soon Manish will also come to know about the use of the video and Manish.

 will be seen reacting very angry and you guys will see very soon when People will ask Manish, but the man who made my video and has reached the police will show Manish's logs showing him.

 cheating on the hostess, even then Karan and Sonia will have a mobile phone, Manish will think that his video is in it. In Logon, Karni has been made by Sonia but when Manish tells his man to check his mobile, even then he doesn't get the video from his mobile, Parmish leaves him and says I am the man who has my video.

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