Bhagyada Lakshmi 24 Sep full episode online HD

 In the drama serial Kumkum Bhagya, Yeh Hua Hai, Pallavi decides to marry Siddharth and Prachi. . I have done it, they use the power of Shironi to decide that Prachi and Sidh should get married. She also doesn't want to get married when that baby is Sidh's, Prachi has.

 no sabbath, that's not all, this baby is Sidh's, not Ranveer's, even the DNA test was done, Riya's report was changed. K takes Siddharth's word and Sarf is forced to tell a lie, he says that this child is mine. Siddharth's talk can.

 still be theirs. Siddharth doesn't want to do anything. Aaliya and Riya tell Pallavi to win soon and get married.Prachi and Sidhu are getting married.Prachi and Sidhu are getting married. He goes on to tell the truth that these people we.

 gave money to change the DNA report, the child in Prachi's stomach is not Siddharth's but Ranveer's. All the truth is known. Yes, Palvi also forgives Aksar Alia and Riya's mistakes. The wedding is going to happen. Palvi goes alone and


 she stops this marriage. She tells the family that what is left in Prachi's stomach is not Ranveer What is the DNA test report? Aaliya or Riya changes Palvi's SBPTA. Report hy Hai Kahati Hai y Ah Hai Sahi Report Prachi's baby.

 is Ranveer's still Aaliya and Riya regain consciousness still Palvi takes Don to the camera and well why did you guys even do this? Riya tells all the family members that she is also pregnant, no one knows that she is not pregnant, she.

 is lying. Palvi finds out that Prachi is pregnant. Everyone hates Riya for knowing the truth. Riya goes to Prachi's bed and says there is a lot of bread. If you are kind to me, steal Ranveer and go.

 away. Aaliya and Riya plan that she is Tara. By blackmailing Prachi, Karengi Wah annoys Prachi a lot and Prachi is very fed up with all the situation. He does not allow Prachi to marry out of hatred

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