Bhagyada Lakshmi 24 September 2022 full episode online HD

 The latest episode of Serial Bhagya Lakshmi Show Zee TV is going to be quite interesting as in the upcoming episode you guys are going to see Balwinder telling his friend Guddu that.

 I have fallen in love with Lakshmi and I am in love with Lakshmi. has gone Also, I want Lakshmi. Yes, friends will see Sonia insulting Chalo from the other side. Because Shalu goes to meet.

 her sister Lakshmi at her house, then Chalo confronts Sonia until she tells him to leave. On the other hand, Rishi's father, seeing this behavior of Sonia, will say to Sonia that you should respect Shalo. Friends,

 on the other hand, Karisma will also say to her daughter Sonia, have you guys been childish? So much has already happened, now it was necessary to do this. After listening to the conversation,

 she will be seen going to her room and from behind Sonia's mother Karisma will also be seen going to Sonia's room because Aayush asked his mother Karisma to look at you, she was very.

 angry, don't do anything wrong, yes, friends. Sonia will go to her room and see you eating todfood and on the other hand Lakshmi will go to the police station to meet her Rishi. By looking. She


 says I also want to go to meet my son but we will go alone, you want to go with your daughter, why do you use it all the time and leave it to Lakshmi. Seeing the style, she says to Aayush, tell.

 Rishi's date, why did you come with Neelam? Neelam is very worried about Rishi, and you should support Neelam. We will go to meet and Han Mama ji, we have also spoken to the.

 lawyer and very soon Rishi will also join Obra Parivar. Loves Lakshmi that's why we have all this but we can't understand all this even Neelam Neelam sees Sarf as her son but not using Lakshmi as daughter-in-law of the house. is saved but still Neelam misunderstands Lakshmi and hates her

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