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 In the drama serial Bhagya Lakshmi Yeh Hawa Hai Ke Malishka or Rishi Dono decide to get married, the wedding preparations are going on at home.  For our marriage, Lakshmi will try to do something. Malishka says I will not let this happen. I will stay with Rishi.  Now your happy days are gone Balvendra also wants to get Lakshmi he wants to marry Lakshmi Rishi and I are getting married now.

 is the right time you also want to marry Lakshmi Lakshmi is in her mother's house Rishi  They leave the house, Malishka tells Balvendra that now you have to do this work yourself, now you have to marry Lakshmi yourself, whatever you have to do for E, you have to do it yourself, Balvendra starts thinking that.

 I want Lakshmi  What should be done to get married, what comes to Lakshmi herself, she will marry me, but she does not plan to marry Balwinder.  Wah says that I have to marry Lakshmi by force. He goes to Lakshmi's aunt's house at night. He kidnaps Lakshmi. He takes.

 Lakshmi somewhere far.  And I will marry Lakshmi and Tab will go our separate ways. Malishka is very happy after all this. She says now no one can stop me from marrying Rishi.  use They are talking everywhere, Lakshmi is nowhere to be found, Shalu says that


 Lakshmi must have gone to Rishi Jeju's house, let's call her home, then she picks up the car by phone, malice hka Shalu ko baten Suna kar phone band kar deti hai Lakshmi's family  Shalu uski mami everyone is very worried they are 

staying with Lakshmi when Lakshmi sees Balwinder Lakshmi is tied Lakshmi Balwinder's mother is with you why did you bring and why are you tied to me Balwinder says your  You will get the answer to all the questions. Right now we both are going to get.

 married.  Balvinder says I know you will never marry me so I am forcing you to marry me if you want to marry me yourself.  Get ready, she says that I will kill you, but I will not marry you. On the other hand, Maleesh is also getting married to Rishi.  Vah says to.

 Rishi that she is not getting Lakshmi. Rishi gets worried after hearing this. He is going to ask Lakshmi that if there is a new plan, all the family members also say that they are talking about the salon.  Per Ekin says Lakshmi.can't do that.

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